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MECO Corporation Visits The White House, Receives $125k Voucher for Innovation

Greeneville, Tennessee Manufacturing Company Selected for Pilot Program with UT and ORNL

Greeneville, Tenn. Nov. 23, 2015 — Greeneville’s MECO Corporation was invited to the White House after being awarded a $125,000 voucher for innovation and product development as part of a new program, RevV!.

RevV! was created by the State of Tennessee in partnership with the University of Tennessee and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The state-funded $2.5 million pilot program assists Tennessee manufacturers by providing access to ORNL researchers and facilities, with the ultimate goal of producing jobs in Tennessee.

MECO’s project was one of just 13 selected in the first year and the only project selected from Greene County. The proposal fell under RevV!’s Tier 2 group, which will allow the 56-year-old manufacturing company to enter into a long-term R&D partnership with ORNL.  

By gaining access to the world-class researchers and facilities of ORNL, MECO and other Tennessee manufacturers are able to meet the challenges of product development and enhance their processes for a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

“We found out about this program from the Tech 2020 Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership and wanted to take advantage of it,” said MECO President Mark Proffitt. “We defined our project, submitted it to UT-Battelle and after a careful review process, were selected to receive the $125k voucher.”

MECO was invited to the White House for the “Forum on Connecting Regional Innovation Ecosystems to Federal and National Labs” as part of this project as well. Guests included lab directors, university leaders, agency admins and other business executives, who were able to engage in frank discussions to share their experiences, perspectives and ideas about how federal labs can add to regional economies.

Because a main focus of this project is economic development, MECO’s proposal had to include how many jobs the project would generate. At this time, Proffitt estimates that number is between three and six.

Over the next 6-9 months, MECO will redeem the $125,000 voucher to fulfill their project. Details are not being disclosed at this time for proprietary reasons.

“We’re excited about the RevV! project because we think it will help us move from a commodity-based business to one that makes value-added products,” said Proffitt. “There is a wealth of knowledge and resources in our National Labs, and the voucher program is an important step in helping to transfer that expertise into industry, through the development of projects and jobs.”

ORNL is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

About MECO Corp.

For more than five decades, Greeneville, Tennessee’s MECO Corp. has specialized in metal design, manufacturing, fabrication, finishing, distribution, and warehousing. MECO has built a reputation on providing great service, quality work, and professionalism. To learn more about MECO, visit

MECO: Exceeding Customer Expectations

MECO is a smart choice for automotive suppliers.

Just 4 hours or less from Tennessee’s major automotive operations, MECO is also within a day’s drive of 70% of all U.S. markets.

The company’s core strength is in metal forming, including deep draw, stampings, Welding and CNC machining.

MECO also specializes in powder coat paints for Area industries including automotive customers. From relatively simple manual applications to more sophisticated, programmable, automatic systems, MECO’s powder coating technologies improve productivity for automotive suppliers.

MECO is efficient.

Using vertical integration, MECO brings metal forming, powder coat, assembly, logistics and distribution all under one roof. This means automotive suppliers working with MECO can benefit from improved flow of goods and services along the supply chain.

Automotive suppliers must carefully choose the right contract manufacturer for their needs because they operate as an extension of the business. MECO’s efficient lean manufacturing helps reduce lead times and decrease inventory of finished goods, benefits which can then be passed on to its customers.

MECO is adaptable.

The systems MECO has in place give automotive suppliers more opportunities to differentiate without giving up control. Depending on its customers’ needs, the company can scale up or down and work more to customer demand.

Automotive suppliers have to think about size, technical expertise, and financial strength of their partners. They also have to consider reputation in the industry. While MECO might be newer to the automotive realm, its long, successful history in the contract manufacturing industry is evidence that tier one, two, and three suppliers will be in good hands.


MECO will be exhibiting at the upcoming Southern Automotive Conference, taking place in Nashville October 18-20, 2015. This will be an opportunity to share more about the company’s capabilities while meeting with others in the industry. If you are attending the SAC event, please stop by our booth, #333, and say hello.

MECO: Exceeding Customer Expectations from Meco Contract Manufacturing on Vimeo.

MECO: Smart. Efficient. Adaptable.

MECO: Smart. Efficient. Adaptable. from Meco Contract Manufacturing on Vimeo.

MECO Corporation, is growing. With more than five decades of success in the contract manufacturing industry, we are expanding our business as the automotive industry’s solution for smart, efficient, and adaptable manufacturing.

MECO is in a unique position with the combined benefits of our expertise and experience. This is why an expansion into the automotive industry is a logical next step.

As a solution partner for automotive suppliers across all tier levels, MECO brings a tremendous amount of flexibility. What’s more, we have the capability to do almost anything inside the metal forming business. As a leader well-versed in deep draw, MECO has proven success and offers a wide range of presses and processes.

For many years, America’s northeast and midwest regions served as hubs of the automotive industry. Now, the south is leading the pack, since both suppliers and OEMs have discovered it offers the highest level of profitability of any region in the U.S.

Tennessee has invested more than $80 million toward automotive industry training, and the state was recently ranked #1 for automotive manufacturing strength. MECO’s Tennessee roots run deep and we are excited to assume a larger role in this growing industry.

Click here to learn more about why automotive suppliers should choose MECO.


MECO will be exhibiting at the upcoming Southern Automotive Conference, taking place in Nashville October 18-20, 2015. This will be an opportunity to share more about our company’s capabilities while meeting with others in the industry. Please stop by our booth, #333, so we can say hello.