Continuous Improvement

Always aiming higher

Because of Meco’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and services at a competitive cost, we have implemented a Lean Manufacturing process in every area of production in order to reduce waste, increase cost savings, improve productivity, and deliver great value to our customers.

Lean Manufacturing is an essential step to removing waste from the manufacturing process. Our engineering, logistics, and customer service teams work together to achieve the best possible production scenarios at the lowest possible prices and in the least amount of time for every customer.

Lean Manufacturing process has allowed Meco to:

  • Eliminate overproduction and excess inventory.
  • Streamline order processing and product delivery.
  • Improve employee productivity and decrease idle waiting time between operations.
  • Create a better workflow to reduce material waste and downtime.
  • Strive for steady improvement through regular auditing and evaluation.

Every team member in every department is fully committed to continuous improvement and we work hard to deliver quality products and services at a competitive cost – on time, every time.